Web portal is an online platform that has become a an important step for all fishing enthusiasts in Ukraine and in the world. This site is has become a useful resource for all those people who like to sit with a fishing rod.

One of the main features of the portal site is its significant number of articles that cover a wide range of fishing related topics. Here you can find everything related to information about types of fish living in water bodies of Ukraine and fishing secrets.

In addition to articles, site also contains many videos and photos which covers various aspects of fishing. These visual materials not only illustrate the diversity of fishing places and fish that can be found, but also allow show everything visually and share with other community members. Our videos inspire and motivate new successes in the world of fishing.

The most interesting feature of the site is that all videos and photos are taken by the members of the site personally. This means that you get access to unique information that is created by professionals and experts in the fishing industry.

If you want and want to access useful and interesting tips, do not delay - visit the site today and join the our users who share their experience and passion for tourism, hunting and fishing and share your photos and videos with the world.


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